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Office Removals

When considering moving an office within Newcastle, Leadx Removals should be your first choice. We have an outstanding experience in offering excellent office removals in Newcastle. We started our operations in 2007, and we still focus on offering the highest possible level of satisfaction to all our clients. Leadx Removals can help in the relocation of any nature of office at an affordable rate.

At Leadx Removals, we have facility management professionals. These individuals will be responsible for managing every activity in your office during the removal process. The professional will supervise the entire packing process. Note that you will be involved in the strategic planning for the removal process. This ensures that our office removal team are understand all your requirements and can customize the removal solutions they provide.

Our office removal team and its supervisor always have a contingent plan. At Leadx Removals, we understand that accidents occur and sometimes the initial office removal plan may get ruined. In case that happens, it doesn’t mean a dead end for your office removal project. We always have a backup plan. If any of our vans develops a mechanical issue, that doesn’t mean the end of everything. We can avail a new vehicle and ensure that the office removal project is completed in time and without any inconveniences.

Leadx Removals boasts of having the most effective communication protocols with our clients. We always keep our clients informed throughout the entire removal process. You can expect consistent updates from us regarding everything taking place. Thus, if you want to pack something in a special way, you can rest assured that everything will be done professionally and according to your wish.

At Leadx Removals, we always take special care for all our clients’ office belongings. We have excellent packing materials such as boxes. Every item will be packed perfectly and the boxes labelled to make the loading and offloading tasks easier. For fragile office items, we will padded wrappers and special boxes. Besides, these items are also labelled to ensure that they are loaded last and offloaded first. This reduces the instances of damage.

One of the key features of our office removals in Newcastle is the affordability of these services. Leadx Removals’ top priority is to make sure that you get perfect services without spending all your lifetime savings. Whether you intend to move a single-room office with just one simple work station or multinational organization offices features numerous work stations, you can trust us for the best office removals in Newcastle. We have acquired the right human and physical resources to offer seamless office removal services in Newcastle and other parts of the United Kingdom.

Note that our company is among the founding members of the British Association of Removers. That means all our processes and services meet the requirements set by the association.  

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